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Real Estate Listing Agent Middle Tennessee

Selling a home can be a very emotional process for many reasons and homeowners often do not know what the first step is. One thing that most homeowner DO know is that they want the highest selling price possible.

Having a professional involved helps you navigate what is often unfamiliar territory and provides objective perspective to help ensure an efficient process with the greatest reward.

As a REALTOR offering listing services, I exceed client expectations while meeting their goals. I am an objective professional who can evaluate your property without emotional attachment and get it sold. I encourage a personal meeting so we can establish a comprehensive plan for your home sale.

What do sellers want most from real estate professionals?


According to the National Association of Realtors, the top four aspects of selling that homeowners want a Realtor for are:

  • Help marketing the home
  • Accomplish sale within a specific timeframe
  • Finding a buyer for the home
  • Pricing the home competitively

As a part of my services, you will benefit from my ability to process market data to price your home competitively. We'll establish a marketing plan that covers reaches out to potential buyers as well as buyer's agents to obtain maximum exposure that results in locating a buyer for your home.

Not all real estate agents are REALTORS. A REALTOR is a licensed agent who is a member of the National Association of REALTORS. This means they subscribe to a strict code of ethics and are expected to maintain a higher level of knowledge about real estate transactions. REALTORS are also committed to treating all parties to a transaction honestly, and their practices are monitored at local board levels. I am a REALTOR. In addition to my high level of commitment described above, I can serve you throughout your process including pricing, market data, marketing, offer evaluation, and your binding sale agreement.




I’m going to communicate with you. You won’t feel lost or abandoned.
I’ll serve as your trusted advisor & consultant from the time we get rolling all the way through closing.
I will work on your behalf and in your best interest to optimize your sale.
Through me, you will have access to invaluable market data. I can run reports about the local market on vast number of conditions and variables that will help us evaluate pricing and evaluate offers as they arrive.
We will evaluate market statistics and home sales to establish your asking price.

I will market your property using my vast knowledge of marketing. Our strategic marketing campaign will include the following:

- Listing the home in MLS
- Syndicating the listing through a massive network to agents and buyers
- Creating a custom website just for your home
- Professionally photographing your home
- Designing a modern brochure that captures attention to your home
- Networking the listing to agents whose buyers may be qualified buyers for your home
- Strategically scheduled open houses

This may sound trite, but sometimes it’s not as common as one would think. I’ll be personable and friendly as that’s my natural tendency. This process includes a lot of communication between a lot of people. I manage those communications to keep the process flowing in an efficient manner.

There is an unbelievably long list of servicing involved with a home sale. This process involves a LOT of people - all of whom have different personalities. Successful transactions benefit from skillful interactions with people of all types. This is a skill set that is one of the most valuable of all. It’s my belief that I possess such skill and offer it to you as part of my service.