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Should I use a Buyer's Agent for new construction?

Yes, definitely. Going into the new construction process should include representation just like an existing home. Again, just like an existing home, the buyer's agent is normally paid by the seller (the builder). I (Shaun) am personally VERY passionate about new construction. I LOVE the process, and our family has personally gone through the building process three times including semi-custom and fully-custom homes. I greatly enjoy passing along that knowledge and expertise to buyers I work with to help ensure their new construction process is more efficient for them. If you are interested in new construction, you want me as your buyer's agent


How to put Shaun on my team as my Buyer's Agent?

Aside from our viewing homes and having a great time, there is a formal process to make me your buyer's agent. We utilize Tennessee State forms that legally solidify our relationship and make me your representation (buyer's agent) going forward. The forms are easy to complete and it only takes a short time to accomplish. It is best to do this early in our relationship to ensure you are represented from the beginning. Additionally, it shows that we both are equally committed to our relationship of accomplishing your goals.

I am dedicated to working hard for my buyers. Contact me today about moving forward. I'm zero pressure, but extremely beneficial to your transaction. I look forward to being your buyer's agent and helping you achieve your new home goals.


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Buyer's Agent - What is it?

A buyer's agent is an agent (often a REALTOR) who represents the buyer of a home or property and works on the buyer's behalf just as the seller's agent works on the seller's behalf. Each representing agent is hired to secure to the best "deal" for their client while assisting them through the process.

When should I use a Buyer's Agent?

In my opinion, always. Not because I can be yours, but because most buyer's are not familiar enough with the process or have immediate access to the resources often needed through the purchasing process. In most home sale transactions, the seller has hired professional representation (an agent) to work in their best interest. If a buyer moves forward without representation, they are subject to results that may be limited by their own real estate knowledge which could leave them with a less than optimum deal and purchase.

How can a Buyer's Agent help me?

Every home search and purchasing transaction will vary on how a buyer's agent was invaluable to the buyer because every case is different. Some of the most common areas of assistance are the following:

  • Home searches
  • Area knowledge
  • Managing showings
  • Purchase price guidance
  • Constructing offers
  • Managing negotiations
  • Arranging inspections
  • Negotiating repairs
  • Managing legal deadlines
  • Assisting with financing
  • Liaison between parties
  • Closing preparations

Who pays the Buyer's Agent?

In most home transactions, the seller pays for:

  • Buyer's agent services
  • Buyer's agent's broker (if applicable)
  • Listing agent's services
  • Listing agent's broker (if applicable).

Why wouldn't someone use a Buyer's Agent?

Sometimes there can be a mission of "doing it on my own" and that can be appealing to many people no matter the project. Unfortunately, the purchase of a home can include many aspects that are unfamiliar territory to the do-it-yourselfer and that can be costly. Additionally, the buyer may open themselves up to additional risk if they are not familiar with the legalities of the documents and timeline under which they must act. In the end, the do-it-yourselfer buyer may not get the best deal and fall victim to a failure of performance they were not knowledgeable on.

Another scenrio is that they buyer concludes they will just use the listing agent. If you recall, who does the seller's agent represent? The seller! That could put the buyer at an extreme disadvantage because the seller's agent is hired to get the best deal for the SELLER! There is nothing wrong with that because that's their job and what they're hired to do. That's the exact reason a buyer should also have representation who can equal their counterpart and get the best deal for the buyer.

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