Bob Parks Realty App - NOW AVAILABLE

If there's one activity that benefits from mobile technology, it's searching for a home. While you're driving about during your preliminary research and considering neighborhoods to contact us about, this mobile real estate app will prove to be helpful by making searching for homes more efficient.

Available for both iPhone and Android devices, this home finding app is easy to use.

home search app

Home Search App

Home searching today begins online for about 90% of shoppers. Along with the increased audience has come a change in how buyers search. In addition to the traditional method of searching by zip code, home size, bedrooms, etc., now technology allows buyers to shop based on area and your results appear on a map so you can quickly judge locations and simply click on the listings matching your area. Alas, now there is even a COOLER tool. With my app, you can now point your phone anywhere... from anywhere. Inside, outside - doesn't matter. Your phone will instantly show you homes around you and in the direction you are pointing your phone. From there, you instantly have more into on screen and in one or two touches you can have a showing scheduled.

Be sure to download the app now!